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Technology is at our finger tips which can save us time and money.  There are numerous reasons for choosing face to face interviews, and there are times where interacting via a live video feed makes more sense.  That’s why we launched chatRbase!  It’s an interactive research video platform for one on one sessions or groups.  We thought we’d have a little fun and share a top ten list.

Starting with Number Ten –  Playing with a Webcam is fun

9.  Seeing someone’s face is better than just a voice (most of the time)

8.  You get to be a video star…well, kind of

7.  People in the fly over states can participate too

6.  Webcams don’t add ten pounds

5.  No airport delays

4.  Not only is playing with a webcam fun,

Headset hair is sexy

3.  You want to be on the cutting edge

2.  Seeing people in their natural environment is better than people watching at the mall

Drum roll please…And, the Number One reason for trying chatRbase is …  You really want to work with


Sneak Peek Video – Click here to view!