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Who is The Sample Network?
The Sample Network is a part of Rex Direct Net, Inc., an Internet marketing company established in 2001 which specializes in a variety of proven and innovative Internet marketing techniques designed to connect clients with target markets at Internet speed. Out of a growing need to handle the unique business requirements of our market research clients, The Sample Network was born.

How long has The Sample Network been in business?
Since 2001, Rex Direct Net, the parent company of The Sample Network(TSN), has provided market research solutions specializing in online sample and custom panel recruitment. TSN was launched as a separate division in April 2006 to expand our capabilities and meet the unique needs of our clients.

How big is The Sample Network?
Big enough to handle all your online sampling requirements and make you feel like you’re the only client we serve. Our dedicated project management team is committed to keep you smiling.

What types of products do you offer?
We specialize in online sampling and custom panel recruitment. Our proprietary technology and customized service offerings allow you to design and build, with our support, projects of any level of complexity. We can handle unique URL’s, PRISM codes, and one-time as well as longer term tracking studies.

Who handles my company’s account and projects?
Dedicated project managers are assigned to your account and will handle all of your needs. This provides consistency that fosters a true partnership approach, and a team responsive and engaged in the details.

Who can you target?
Just about anyone and everyone, anywhere in the world. Our business model allows us to reach not only general consumers, but businesses, teens, medical professionals, IT decision makers and more.

Can you reach International markets?
The Sample Network utilizes a variety of traditional online panel and online communities to fulfill your project requirements. Depending on your sample needs (price, quality, and timing) we match your project with the best resource(s) available.

How does The Sample Network obtain respondents?
The Sample Network utilizes a variety of traditional online panel and online communities to fulfill your project requirements. Depending on your sample needs (price, quality, and timing) we match your project with the best resource(s) available.

How do respondents complete my survey?
We send targeted respondents to the URL (survey link) that you provide. We are compatible with almost all survey software and can handle unique URL requirements.

What about respondent duplication?
TSN’s two layer security and screening process not only eliminates duplication, but also flags suspicious respondent activity for further research.

Where is your head office?
Rex Direct Net’s corporate office is based in Cherry Hill, NJ.

How large is your panel?
We are currently in the process of building a online panel to use in conjunction with our current partners. We believe a seamless, blended approach provides our clients with the most flexibility in terms of options and the best quality data.

What makes The Sample Network different from competitors?
TSN is focused on a blended sample approach from multiple sources. This helps to eliminate any bias inherent in utilizing only one panel. TSN offers a centralized solution providing a one stop shop for sample planning, procurement, quality control and project management. As an extension of your team, we connect the front end process and back end data analysis with seamless, integrated, non-duplicated online respondents. We work with our clients to customize sampling solutions at a project level to ensure feasibility, pricing, timing and special business requirements exceed expectations.

What should I take into consideration when suggesting a price?
Some factors to consider:

Sample Budget
Based on your experience what you believe the project should cost
Project specifications: # of completes, survey length, complexity degree of target, and turn around time

Can The Sample Network create a custom respondent panel for specific projects?
Yes. If you are looking to create a respondent panel based upon criteria of your choice, The Sample Network can provide you with this service. Please contact us for more information.

Will my sample be comprised of fresh respondents who do not participate in surveys for a living?
The Sample Network provides access to the general internet population, not just panel members. All partners are screened for best practices in recruitment, management of their databases as well as maintaining their online communities – only those companies that meet our high quality standards are approved.

What if the sample specifications or survey characteristics (e.g. quantity of completes, length, types of questions) change?
Depending on the requested changes, The Sample Network has the right to renegotiate pricing or pass on a project. We realize that changes do occur in the course of the project lifecycle, and we will do our best to partner with you to achieve expected results.

Do you have answers to the ESOMAR 26 Questions to Support Market Research Online Sample Buyers?
Yes: Feel free to contact us, and we will send you our ESOMAR 26 document.

Does The Sample Network provide respondents for telephone or mail surveys?
No, The Sample Network only provides online sample.

Does The Sample Network write and program surveys or provide survey results including cross tabs and raw data?
The Sample Network can provide programming and hosting of your online research project. We provide the raw data in a desired format and can provide cross-tabs/analysis for your study. Contact us for a quote!