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The Project Life Cycle

In today’s world, everything moves lightning fast . . . . including our hop-to-it Project Managers at The Sample Network. Unlike some of the other guys in the biz, we can move from the quote stage to live results all in the same day which means you can make important business decisions when it really counts – not days or weeks later.

Our new clients, not yet accustomed to such efficient processes, often wonder how we can move so quickly from start to finish. It’s simple really, our survey sampling projects are completed on time because we provide accurate feasibility based on our years of experience providing sampling solutions in the online market research industry. Plus, our projects can be running within mere hours, so you’re up and sampling faster, getting all that red-hot-speed-to-market you crave – at a price that won’t leave you feeling burned.

The project lifecycle of a market research sampling project at The Sample Network begins with your request for a quote. We’ll kick off the relationship with a call from one of our knowledgeable, friendly account managers who will confirm your project parameters and discuss any unaddressed issues that may crop up from the unique nature of your online survey tool.

After touching base, The Sample Network will provide you with a simple, straightforward quote that addresses your sampling solutions. Our feasibility and all-inclusive pricing are calculated based on response rates, survey length, incident rates while utilizing our vast industry experience. The “cost per completed interview,” a standard industry measurement, includes everything needed to get the sample completed such as project set up, project and sample management, and respondent incentives.

Once the quote has been agreed upon between both parties, we move rapidly into action. Your project is set up using our technology and can be up and running on the same day. We’ll even consult with you on your survey software tool if needed. After testing and getting approval comes the moment everyone’s been waiting for, The Sample Network deploys the sample using our proprietary management technology that allows for project-specific customization such as sending out panelist invitations in batches or by geographical location.

Finally, the study closes on time and provides a wealth of consumer insights for your market research project!