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We have done a series of short articles lately relating to questions that we get asked frequently.  A similar theme comes up about survey software.  What do you think of this survey software? Or, can you recommend the best survey software?  We don’t believe there is one all inclusive answer to that question.  After all, it’s about what’s best for YOU.  Every piece of survey software has different pricing, features, and support services.  Your needs are unique to your business.  You may need a report portal for the end client to access while other people could care less about reporting and want a solution for their dual-mode projects.  We have yet to find software that we’ve been unable to support from a respondent sample perspective; AND, we deal with a lot of different software.  Because we do work with a wide variety of clients using all different types of survey software, we decided to reach out to several for feedback on their experience.  These responses were taken anonymously (as researchers we’re sure you can appreciate that!). was created to showcase the pros and cons of software that you won’t get from a company website or sales representative.  It’s an opportunity to read the experience of others and give your own perspective.  This is just the start of what we hope will be an asset to all of you. We are working on getting additional reviews updated on the site.  Visit to read the reviews, submit your own review, and comment.   We look forward to hearing what you have to say!