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Have you ever visited a website and had your “session” interrupted by a message to provide your feedback?  I know what you are thinking…we are market researchers.  But as a consumer, I find it annoying.  Most of the time I haven’t even had a chance to explore the website long enough to give feedback (no, 30 – 60 seconds isn’t long enough!).  Some might say that some feedback is better than no feedback.  I’m not so sure.  I’m an avid online purchaser, and I never fill out those surveys.  I feel it is disruptive while I’m trying to research a topic or find the perfect gift that my experience is interrupted.  Is it enough for me to leave the website altogether?  No, not usually.  Does that automatically give the green light to interrupt  my experience?  I do not believe so.  It’s not that I don’t like to give my opinion.  I’ll give feedback on my experience…it’s a timing thing, oh, and what ever happened to the comment boxes?  Put one of those on your website if you want feedback.  What do you think?