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Our Values

The Sample Network offers leading-edge global online market research solutions committed to exceeding your expectations. As a client, you are the top priority at our market research firm. We strive to provide a seamless experience that includes a quality product, fast delivery, fair price, and excellent customer service that will have you calling us for every online research project.

Quality Product

The integrity of your market research project hinges on the quality of your sample. That’s why The Sample Network goes above and beyond to provide quality sampling with a blended approach. Our “blended approach” simply means that we don’t just pull respondents from the same pool; instead, we assemble sample from a mix of sources to eliminate any bias that may be inherent in a single panel.  Additionally, we employ innovative sampling solutions to solve issues that can arise in consumer panels. For example, our multi-layer security and screening process helps eliminate duplicate respondents and flags other suspicious behavior for removal.

Speed (Fast)

The Sample Network offers a 7-step project life cycle that includes 24/7 coverage of live studies. Plus, we are able to move from the initial stages of a project to live sampling within just a few hours in most cases. Wasting time is an inefficient use of resources; our clients need quick turnaround times on every survey to take advantage of business opportunities. We provide all the red hot speed you crave!


Pricing at The Sample Network is simple and straightforward; our affordable quotes are based on your study specifications, feasibility projects and are easy to understand because they’re all-inclusive! This means that expenses associated with the online survey project are covered including set-up, sampling, project management, and panelist incentives. You can even pick and choose from our menu of add-ins like programming, hosting, translations, video focus group software, and more!

Customer Service

The Sample Network makes our clients a top priority; it’s all about customer service. Our friendly and knowledgeable Research Mixologists and Project Managers aren’t just hanging around for you to call. Instead, we are working hand-in-hand with you from project inception to completion to make sure you are 100-percent satisfied. Got an idea for a project and need to brainstorm ways to make it happen? We love a challenge! We can customize a solution specifically for you.