• Jamie

    Happy Birthday

    The Sample Network Turns 7! Some people celebrate anniversaries.  We like to think of it more like a birthday!  We want to thank everyone who has helped us over the years successfully build a solid reputation as a friendly, responsive and superior customer service solution in the online market research industry. As a...

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  • Review

    Review Your survey Software

    We have done a series of short articles lately relating to questions that we get asked frequently.  A similar theme comes up about survey software.  What do you think of this survey software? Or, can you recommend the best survey software?  We don’t believe there is one all inclusive answer to that question.  After...

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  • Understanding the Basics of Incidence

    Understanding the Basics of Incidence

    Since we get quite a few questions about incidence, we thought we’d put together an article addressing it specifically.  Feel free to add your comments! When talking about online sample, incidence (or incident rate) is always part of the discussion.  Dictionary.com defines incidence as the rate or range of occurrence...

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  • stop

    Pop-Up & Other Website Surveys

    Have you ever visited a website and had your “session” interrupted by a message to provide your feedback?  I know what you are thinking…we are market researchers.  But as a consumer, I find it annoying.  Most of the time I haven’t even had a chance to explore the website long enough to give feedback...

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  • face

    Request for Quotes: Part One – Sampling

    Take the scare out of the RFQ process! As a partner providing respondents for market research surveys, we know that “translating” the quotes you receive from vendors can be the key to a successful, in budget market research project.  Let’s discuss putting together a project proposal to get the most for...

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  • chatrbase

    Top Ten Reasons for trying our chatRbase Video Focus Group Software

    Technology is at our finger tips which can save us time and money.  There are numerous reasons for choosing face to face interviews, and there are times where interacting via a live video feed makes more sense.  That’s why we launched chatRbase!  It’s an interactive research video platform for one on one sessions...

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  • hang10

    Five Tips to Rock Online Survey Research

    From Fortune 100 businesses to mom-and-pop shops, smart companies are kicking up the volume and quality of their research data with well-designed online surveys. In this age of the Internet, gathering data from current and potential customers, employees, vendors and other business relationships has never been easier or...

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  • color

    Fake Friends Not Good for Survey Panel Either

    Working with a quality market research panel and experienced sampling team, like The Sample Network, is essential to gain an edge over the competition and grow business with current and potential customers.  ‘Refer-a-Friend’ programs are an often employed strategy to recruit new community members or to generate respondents...

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  • time

    Don’t Show Me the Money, Just Give Me Some Time

    Most Americans are overloaded with ‘things to do,’ jumping from one task to the next. As if today’s over-booked family and work schedules are not frenetic enough, popular culture seems to support the fast pace with constant emailing, fast food drive-thrus, sound bites, text messaging and more. No wonder our heads...

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